Pul Nirman Nigam Office Pul Nirman Nigam Office Chirayantand Overbridge, Patna ROB, Bhagalpur
Goithwa Bridge, Nalanda Railway Overbridge, Arrah
Tejashwi Prasad Yadav
Hon'ble Deputy Chief Minister



 Constitution and Objectives
Bihar Rajya Pul Nirman Nigam (BRPNN) was formed on 11th June, 1975 under Indian Company Act, 1956 as a Govt. Company.

Its main objectives are -

  • Construction of Bridges/Roads
  • Maintenance of Bridges
  • Toll Collection

The Nigam is registered as a Public Company under Indian Company Act, 1956 and it is a Govt. Company as total share capital of Rs. 500 Lakhs is pledged in the name of Governor of Bihar. The Nigam is governed by Managing Director on behalf of Board of Directors nominated by the Govt. under guidelines set by Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association along with work rules mentioned therein.


 Concept of Working
Bridges are constructed departmentally by the Nigam on the basis of current Schedule of Rates (SoR) sanctioned for Works Department. As the work is done departmentally, cost incurred is less as compared to work done by contractors.


  Head wise Achievements since the year 2005-06 - Upto March 2017
Completed projects (Including Mukhya Mantri Setu Nirman Yojna)


Details are as under:


(Amount in Rs. Crores)
 SL  Name No. of Projects Amount
1.  State Plan 171 1037.77
2.  Non-Plan     77 200.64
3.  Additional Central Assistance    16 652.26
4.  B.D.F   21 68.75
5.  BVVK   7 35.47
6.  Central Road Fund 18 198.80
7.  Deposit   51 300.56
8.  Nabard Loan 161 3707.06
9.  R.O.B. 7 240.22
10.  World Bank(Phase-1)   69 193.22
11.  MMSNY   1098 2485.79
12.  Karpuri Chatrawas   15 41.89
13.  Flood Shelter   202 214.12
14.  Distt.RSVY   9 41.29
  Total 1922  9417.84